Your Passport Is Key To Travel Safety

Your passport is unique to YOU. Your passport has references and identifiers unique to YOU.  Your flight booking is unique to YOU.  Your flight booking has references and codes unique to YOU.  Your frequent flyer profile is unique to YOU.  Your frequent filer miles are based on specific destinations and trips   Your hotel booking is unique to YOU.  Your credit card is personal and specific to YOU.  Your credit card has numbers and codes  specific to YOU.  So WHY would YOUR  travel safety assessment  be generic? The exact same rating as every other traveller in the world?

That’s a newspaper…. not travel safety!

Your travel safety should be unique to YOU
YOUR travel safety should be specific to YOUR trip
YOU, YOUR experience and other factors should influence YOUR travel safety  Intelligent Travel provides individual, unique and specific travel safety assessments  based on YOU, YOUR Travel and…  YOUR experience
Travel safety…. one trip at a time!

Travel Safety Experts
Travel Safety Experts

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