Why does the travel industry have risk management so very WRONG?
Travel industry groups, publications and other travel media sources continue to comment on risk management… communicating the WRONG message and endangering travellers and clients in the process.
You hear words like… “maturity”, duty of care policies, travel risk and travel security…. when these are NOT terms or processes  that relate to what is REALLY required  for travel risk management.
Furthermore, they rehash comments and views from service providers and overnight experts, that began operating before there were laws and standardised processes…. but overnight are now “industry standard” and the “best practice” when their product or services  hasn’t changed at all…. and isn’t REALLY part of risk management. This includes memberships, subscriptions and other ‘newspaper’ type services.

The evidence of this accumulated misunderstanding  is the inability for providers, businesses and travellers to produce an individual, personal travel safety assessment …. in much the same way they can produce a boarding pass.
Risk management begins with context but the travel industry and media never mention it. Risk management requires risk identification but the travel industry and media never mention it.
Risk management requires evaluation of control measures…… but it is never mentioned. Then, and only then, is risk treatment applied.
You can’t outsource travel risk management, and you can’t buy “duty of care” services.
The travel industry and travel professionals need to be better educated on this issue and understand the facts, not what appears on sales brochures, is presented at industry events or is transmitted by vendors. Travellers and clients will punish this malaise…. and more litigation for negligence will occur.
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