Smart Travellers understand there are hazards and risks associated with travel and sign up for government advisories, conduct Google searches and chat on social forums about their trip. Relying on generic, “one size fits all” advice and analysis. Often relating to the entire country, not just the city or town to where they are travelling.They are part of the “crowd”, and assume everyone is exactly the same. You will often hear then use “Low”, “Medium” and “High” when it comes to country risks, without ever knowing what that really means as if 5 categories could sum up the entire human race

Intelligent Travellers on the other hand want to know the specific hazards and risks associated with them, their specific journey and the type of trip they are undertaking all specific to the city/town in which they are visiting.

Intelligent travellers are individuals, unique in many  ways have specific experiences, vary in gender, ethnicity and even travel experience

Therefore, they want to be educated have access to relevant local resources understand what hazards they face regardless of destination and how they can reduce their own personal risk with simple and personal advice and support where no two risk ratings are ever identical

Intelligent Travel….travel safety, one trip at a time

Travel Safety Experts
Travel Safety Experts

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