There is greater value and cost involved in business travel than just the price of tickets, accommodation, and transport.
If you have a travel policy that covers all travellers equally, regardless of value… it is ineffective and dangerous as you aren’t managing “risk” based on “asset value”. Not all travellers are “valued” the same.
Not all business travel is the same “value” to the business.

If you don’t know the “value” ranking of your travellers, your business’ investments are exposed to greater, unnecessary risk.
A junior employee on a salary of $50,000 per year is not “worth” the same to your business as a senior partner on $200,000 per year.
Don’t “value” them the same when it comes to travel.
Don’t compare travel “savings” at the same rate.
You don’t have the same insurance for a lawn mower as you would have for a race car.
Don’t do the same thing with travel.
The “cost” of a trip must be considered against the “value” of the trip before savings or reductions can be celebrated.
Saving a few dollars on a trip that results in inconvenience to a junior employee might be worth it.
Saving a few dollars on a trip that results in significant inconvenience and lost productivity to a senior executive or CEO may actually “cost” your business hundreds or even thousands of dollars in “real value”.
Travel delays, alterations restrictions, and bans “cost” the company differently.
A travel ban on laptops will only “cost” the business a few hundred dollars in lost productivity for a junior employee with a low salary.
A travel ban on laptops could cost a business thousands of dollars in lost productivity for a senior executive on a long international flight, not to mention potential lost opportunity costs too.
Would your business celebrate saving $100 on the construction of a building the yields $1 million dollars in profit, that could have been $2 million dollars profit if you hadn’t “sacrificed” something as part of your $100 saving?
Probably not.
This is what travel managers, travel companies, and travel budgets are doing ALL THE TIME.
If you don’t know the “value” of your travellers and their travel in terms of what it is “worth” to the business, then YOU are the risk.
Forget talking about travel safety and travel risk management….. you can’t even manage “basic” risks or protect assets of varying value.

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