Advice on travel warnings – government alerts

Government travel alerts are aimed at the least experienced travellers

…like families, backpackers and first-time travellers.

They are often more an “obligation” rather than actionable advice.

Just because an alert has been published, doesn’t mean all travel MUST stop

You often will be told the entire country is at risk

or you should stay away from an entire region

without any regards for you, your experience or specific destination.

These government warnings are more like vague news updates.

By all means, make note of the advice.

However, if it is not specific to the city to which you are travelling,

takes into consideration your specific experience,

and provides very specific advice on what you personally should do

….treat it as educational news content.

Check if your travel insurance excludes coverage after an alert/warning

We recommend you conduct even a basic risk assessment before travelling

…so does your government.

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