Tips for the smart traveller – Hotels

Hotels vary in location, number of rooms and especially safety or security.

Be wary of solicitations and touts near to your hotel or even in the lobby.

Ask an employee where the emergency assembly area is

….the responses will give you insight into their emergency response.

Electronic cards are always better than keys.

Place a rigid business card in the room’s power slot instead of your room card.

Spend as little time in the lobby or around reception as possible.

Don’t share your room number.

Only open the door to your room when no one else is nearby.

Check the room’s bedside clock doesn’t still have an alarm set.

Stuff a tissue in the room’s peephole.

Carry baby wipes and wipe the tv remote and table or desktop.

Travel with your own cup, and drink from that.

Always have a flashlight or light source out and ready in your room.

Read the evacuation diagram in your room.

Take the time to walk to the emergency exit and learn the route.

It’s the little things the make the biggest difference

…..especially in an emergency.

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