Tips for the smart traveller – ground transport

When you travel, there are lots of ground transport options

ranging from public to private transport such as

cars, buses, trains, motorcycles and even bicycles.

Typically, you will spend more time on ground transport

than you will flying.

It is essential to get from point to point.

Different countries may even have new, interesting or “classic” transport options

Whilst they may look cool

….they can be killers.

Even worse, for some reason, some people think they are invincible when they travel

and don’t even wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

These two obvious mistakes….choices…kill many travellers each year.

Don’t do it.

Sit in the back seat when travelling, it improves your survivability.

Always travel in modern vehicles, with safety features

…if you can.

Download a local app to your phone

it will show you locations, times and best route options

….unless you are off the beaten track.

Never, ever tolerate or encourage speeding

…your life is not worth the short term gain.

Crowd sharing apps may be popular and cool

but are they as safe and regulated as other alternatives?

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