Government Travel Warnings and alerts – the basics

Every so often the government gets information or makes an assessment

it feels will affect a lot of travellers

or a popular location for its travelling citizens.

They don’t want to tell you how they know or what they know

so they release a government travel warning or alert.

These alerts are typically very generic

accompanied by the most universal or generic advice.

This means that whilst it might make the media,  news

or concern a few people, there is often no way of determining

if the threat is specific to you, your travel or your specific destination.

This is why very few people act upon the warning or alert

unless of course it is a natural disaster or something just as obvious.

Conversely, sometimes they know there is a risk….but say nothing

because their comments may have political or economic consequences.

Government travel warnings is not travel safety management.

Remember to check if your travel insurance excludes coverage after an alert/warning

We recommend you conduct even a basic risk assessment before travelling

…so does your government.

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