Travelling with Special Needs and Disabilities

by Intelligent Travel

If you want to travel but you think you can’t because of your special needs, then you are wrong. Nowadays, travelers with special needs get more attention and are provided with even greater services. Your disability should not hinder you in exploring how wonderful the world is. You just need to plan your trip, always keep in mind some safety tips and know your rights. In this article, you will be able to get an idea on how to enjoy and make the most out of your travel experience.

In order to have a comfortable journey, you need to plan ahead. Planning your travel gives you time to know what you want, where you really want to go and prepare things you need and might need. You should research on the country where you want to travel, the service they offer for disabled persons and the airport’s services for your special needs. Inform the travel service provider about your disability so they will have enough time to prepare your needed assistance. You also need to get advice from your doctor if it is safe for you to travel. After doing so, you are now ready to learn some safety travel tips.

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“Every person has the right to be treated fairly with or without special needs.”


As a traveler with disability, keep in mind some useful tips. Through this, you will be prepared in any way possible. First, prepare an extra medication in case of emergency. Also carry with you your doctor’s advice so you can present it if needed. Consider having a travel adviser or agent, this is a great way to lessen your burden because some of them are well-trained in working with differently abled persons. Avoid connecting flights if possible. You can save more time when you fly directly. However, connecting flights can also be made possible in line with your comfort if you have plenty of time between flights. Having plenty of time means you do not have to be in a hurry for your next flight and it can save your energy.

Knowing your rights is also very important and this applies to everyone. Every person has the right to be treated fairly with or without special needs. Thus, you need to be aware of the rules for travelers with disabilities when you go through an airport security. Any problem you encounter during your travel in connection to violating your rights should be taken with immediate action. You can complain directly to resolve the issue. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) can also help you sort out the problem if nothing happens after your direct complaint.

Now you know that having a disability or special needs can’t stop you from reaching your dream destination. This article taught you on how to make the most out of your travel experience. You just always need to remember that before you decide to travel, you should plan it, keep in mind some safety tips and know your rights. Put this into action and I am sure you will be able to live life to its fullest.

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