Are You a Disabled Person Prepared to Have an Enjoyable Travel Experience? Test Yourself.

 If you have special needs and want to make the most out of your travel experience, then you need to answer the questions written below. If your answer matches the correct answer, then you can consider yourself prepared to reach your dream destination without any inconvenience.

 1. In deciding to travel, I:

a) can go to any places I want without any questions

b) need to get to know the place I want to travel

c) don’t need to plan for it due to the fact that I have special needs

The right answer is B. Having enough knowledge about the place you want to go is very important so you know the services offered for disabled travelers. This can be done through internet research or asking questions from people with disability who already experienced travelling. These are essential factors in planning your travel.  As a result, it gives you time to know what you want, where you really want to go and prepare things you need and might need.


2. To be prepared, I should:

a) get a medical prescription from my doctor so I can buy medicine at my destination in case of emergency

b) carry just enough medicine that I usually take

c) carry extra medication in case of emergency

The right answer is C. You need to carry extra medication for emergency purposes. That is also mainly the reason you need to consult with your doctor before you travel. If you only carry enough number of medicine that you usually take and emergency happens during your trip, you won’t have much time to buy your own medicine at your destination. You might as well carry a doctor’s advice note so you can present it if needed.

You also need to consider having a travel adviser or agent to lessen your burden because some of them are well-trained in working with differently abled persons. As part of your preparation, avoid connecting flights if possible. You can save more time when you fly directly. But if it can’t be avoided, you can have it as long as you don’t have to be in a hurry for your next flight.

 3. If I experience maltreatment, I should:

a) let it go and just forget about it

b) exercise my rights

c) understand that I should expect this because of my condition

The right answer is B. Everybody has the right for equal treatment. If you just let others treat you unjustly and violate your rights, tendency is it might happen again to another person. It would affect your mood which may cause you not to enjoy your adventure. Always remember that your condition should not hinder you from enjoying life and making the most out of it. If you feel any violation of your rights, you must take immediate action to resolve it. Take courage and complain. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is also there to help you resolve the problem if nothing happens after your direct complaint.

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