Andrew had always wanted to travel. Ever since he’s a child, he watches travel shows, read books and articles about best places to go. Unfortunately, he can only dream of travelling because he is handicapped. He lost his one leg when he was 5 years old because of a car accident.

Now that he is already 20 years old, he still dreams of travelling but he knows well that his dream would never come true. He always stays at home thinking what if he did not lose his leg. He always ask himself, “Why did this happen to me?”. Then, he gets discouraged and feels he is a failure.

Most people with disability often stop themselves from achieving their dreams because of their condition. They are not able to appreciate how beautiful the world is and they do not know how to enjoy life and Andrew is one of them.

One day, a friend of Andrew named Reese introduced him to an organization for people with disability. The organization helps people with disability to appreciate life and boost people’s faith and confidence to achieve whatever dreams they have.

Through the organization, Andrew realized that his disability should not hinder him from reaching his dream destination. He can do whatever he wants as long as he believes that he can do it.

He began to share to the organization his long time dream, to travel and experience going to different places. He got some inputs and a lot of advice on what he needs to do to enjoy his journey.

Andrew started to plan his travel adventure. He wants to go to Europe. He made a thorough research about his dream destination and also asked his colleagues with disability for some tips and advice.

He got to know the airport’s services for his needs and informed his travel service provider about his specific disability. He did not forget to go to his doctor to ask if it is safe for him to travel. He was so happy that he got a go signal.

Andrew made sure that he is well-prepared for his travel. He brought with him an extra medication in case of an emergency and also carried with him his doctor’s note. He also got a travel adviser to lessen his burden. He chose for a direct flight to save more time.

Andrew wanted to make sure his travel will run smoothly so he did not stop from planning and just knowing some useful tips. He needed to know his rights as well. He realized that everybody deserves to be treated equal. He made a research on the rules for travelers with special needs.

He is now ready to face any untoward incident and exercise his rights if he experiences any violation of his rights. He will ask for the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) for assistance, in case a problem is not resolved even after a direct complaint is filed.

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