A Checklist to a Memorable Journey for Travellers with Specials Needs

Do you want to travel but afraid to take even a single step? Are you afraid to experience getting unfair treatment because of your special needs? Or are you just not ready to see what the world has to offer because you think you are not capable?

Being disabled or having special needs should not stop you from reaching your dreams. Do not stay forever inside your comfort zone and take courage to achieve your dreams. Go out and see  how wonderful it is to live. Below is a checklist to guide you on how to make your journey memorable and enjoyable.

Here is the checklist:

  • I plan and organize my travel.
  • I have enough knowledge and information about the place I want to go.
  • I know the airport’s offered services for my needs.
  • I informed the travel service provider about my disability so they are prepared in providing my needs.
  • I have a go signal from my doctor that I can travel.
  • I keep in mind some safety and health tips to be prepared in any ways.
  • I have an extra medication for emergency purposes.
  • I also carry my doctor’s advice or note so it is readily available when I need it.
  • To lessen my burden, I have a travel agent who is specialized in handling disabled travelers.
  • To save more time and energy, I avoid connecting flights.
  • I know my rights.
  • I know the rules for travelers with disabilities when I go to an airport security.
  • I will complain directly if my rights have been violated.
  • If still a problem related to violating my rights is not resolved after my direct complaint, I will file a report to the Civil Aviation Authority or CAA.

The checklist above is just a guide to help you experience travelling without inconvenience. It will help you be free of worries and build your confidence in travelling despite of your disability. It is still up to you if you follow it.

Moreover, the following pointers may help you make the most out of your travel experience.

  • To be able to get more information about your dream destination, you can make a research through the internet or ask some disabled persons who already experienced travelling on that place. They can share some inputs on what to expect during your travel and what you need to prepare.
  • Connecting flights is possible if you have plenty of time between your flights. It is important that you save your time, energy and avoid any cause of discomfort.
  • In cases of maltreatment, you should not let your emotions take over you. If you just let others treat you disrespectfully, you will not be able to enjoy your travel and it will just spoil your day.

Now that you know nothing can stop you, start putting what’s in this article into action, then you will realize and appreciate that life is so worth living for.

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