Travelling With Babies: What You Need to Know

by Intelligent Travel

Most parents who would travel for the first time with their babies are usually apprehensive, as it can be overwhelming and can cause a lot of uncertainties due to several factors. The most common worry of parents when travelling by air is if their baby can take the ear pressure, or how to make their baby comfortable during the travel as well as the things they would need to bring for their baby. Continue reading the article to get strategies for making travel with your baby as smoothly as possible.

First, to relieve his ear pressure, make certain you plan the feedings for takeoff and landing as that is the time when your baby will experience the most ear pressure and swallowing can ease some of that.

Another issue would be how to make your baby comfortable during the travel. Books are at all times a great distraction to your babies as they are focused on the colorful images and this can also help you bond with your child which is also one way to make your baby calm. You can also surprise him with a toy to keep his attention diverted.

So this leads us to our final subject, what are the things you would need to bring for your baby?

Here’s a checklist that will help you plan to travel with your babies for the first time:

Use a lightweight stroller
Use one that is simple to put on, take off and easy to store away. An umbrella-type of stroller is usually recommended for travel.

Bring a diaper bag
Bringing a diaper bag is essential for traveling. In your diaper bag make sure to carry the following:

Diapers – Depending on the number of hours your flight is, make sure to bring at least one diaper for every two hours travel time. For a 4-hour flight, it is recommended to bring three diapers.

Jacket– Always bring a jacket, as airports are usually cold.

Feeding bottles – Always gauge your child’s feeding habits and that will determine how many bottles you would need to bring.

Sippy Cup – Sippy cup is used for water as your child might ask for a snack in between hours.

Wipes – These are essential to use not only for diaper change but also to clean hands and dirty surfaces.

Blanket – It is recommended that the type of blanket to bring is a receiving blanket as those are usually light in material and comfortable for babies.

Clothes – Extra clothing is a-must in case when your child needs a change.

Favorite snacks – This is just to make sure your child won’t get grumpy when he’s hungry.

Pack the right things
Keep in mind to always pack lightly when travelling. However, this time, you travel with your baby so you bring more stuff than usual. But make sure what your luggage is within the allowable limit so you won’t have a problem with excess baggage charges.

Here are some tips:

  • You will need enough diapers for the duration of your vacation. But, if you have an extra budget, you can also just buy more once you arrive.
  • You will need to concern yourself about how to sterilize baby bottles; Check out microwave sterilizer bags for this.
  • Calculate the amount of clothing your baby uses per day and apply that.
  • Make sure to bring your own utensils and feeding bowls for your baby just to be on the safe side.
  • You will need to pack several receiving blankets as it is proven to be useful in many ways.
  • Pack medicines and toiletries in re-sealable plastic bags to avoid any leaks.
  • Bring your child’s favorite toy.

In conclusion, start preparing to pack a few days before your travel date so you will have a hassle and worry free travel with your baby. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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