Do you know what is required when travelling with babies?

How do you know if you are travelling with your baby conveniently? Test yourself, and you might be surprised how much this quiz can help you.

1. How can you relieve ear pressure?

a) Put your baby to sleep during takeoff and landing

b) Plan the feedings for takeoff and landing

c) Walk your baby inside the plane

The right answer here is B. To relieve his ear pressure, make certain you plan the feedings for takeoff and landing as that is the time when your baby will experience the most ear pressure and swallowing can ease some of that.

2. Is using a lightweight stroller preferably used when travelling?

a) True

b) False

The right answer here is TRUE. Using a lightweight stroller is simple to put on and take off and is easy to store away. An umbrella-type of stroller is usually recommended for travel. Having a lightweight stroller is a great benefit but make sure that your stroller is durable and can stand the bumps of the road where you are travelling in.

3. How many diapers should I bring for a 4-day vacation trip?

a) 8 -12 diapers

b) 14 -18 diapers

c) 18 – 24 diapers

The right answer here is C. It is a common practice to bring 1 diaper for every 2 hours. However, this will depend on your baby’s usage. Gauge per day how many diapers your baby has used. Normally, it is recommend to have at least 5-6 diapers per day.

4. How can you make sure your baby is comfortable during a long flight

a)Make the baby go to sleep

b) Have the baby look at the airplane window

c) Bring a book and his or her favorite toy

It is safe to say that those 3 choices are applicable in making your baby comfortable during a long flight. However, I choosing letter C is more preferred. If you put your baby to sleep even though he is not sleepy, he will just get cranky. Having a baby look at the airplane window for just a few minutes will make him eventually get bored. But, books are at all times a great distraction to your babies as they are focused on the colorful images and this can also help you bond with your child which is also one way to make your baby calm. Also, you can surprise him with a toy to keep his attention diverted.

5. Is planning and packing early a best practice?

a) True

b) False

The right answer here is TRUE. If you start preparing to pack a few days before you travel, you would have enough time to make adjustments and be able to check the other things that you forgot to include along the way. As they say, planning is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. Your goal is to be prepared on your trip, and to execute that would require you to plan things and best approach is planning ahead of time. All these can relieve stress when travelling and avoid all the constant worries when travelling with your baby.

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