Travelling with Babies: My First Time Was So Scary

I remembered when I first traveled with my 1 year old son. I was the type of parent who would worry if I forgot something to pack, or if I’m allowed to bring this and that. I was apprehensive with a lot of things and my first concern was the ear pressure that my son might encounter. As a first time mom, I wanted to make sure that my son would be comfortable and not endure any discomfort throughout the trip.

I started to prepare packing a few days before our travel date. I created a checklist first with the things I have in mind that day, and have them printed out. Then, I note down things I remembered that was not noted on the list the days after. I also went to his pediatrician and asked what type of water he can drink, or asked what are the most important things that I need to bring for my son. At the same time, I called our airline service and verified the packaging of my son’s formula milk, if I’m allowed to bring a can of his formula milk or that if it should be in a box.

Usually, when traveling, I always remind myself to pack light. However, this time, I thought to myself, that I won’t be traveling alone, and its impossible to pack light this time. But I made sure that I would only bring what was necessary for me and my son. Thus, having a checklist help me tremendously in preparing for our vacation. The checklist I made may seem excessive, but I felt assured that once I’ve completed them, these are the things that I deem necessary for my travel and I wouldn’t want to be frustrated when I leave something behind. I splitted the contents into category that seemed fit to be able to track the things easier.

Since we were going on a 5-day trip, I estimated the amount of clothing my son used per day. As well as how many times he changed his diapers. For example, my son uses about 5 – 6 diapers per day, and I’ll be travelling for 5 days, so I’ll be bringing 30 diapers plus an extra 5, so that would be a total of 35 diapers for 5 days. Now if you’re not in a budget, then you can just bring a few diapers to dispose in the airport and can just buy a new pack when you arrive on your destination. Soon after, I was able to gauge how many clothing and diapers I needed to bring for our trip. I also made sure that I have several books in hand and some of his favorite toys to keep him occupied.

In everything, I’ve learned to rely on creating a good checklist that I would follow and allow myself to be guided by it. It helps to start packing early, as I tend to forget sometimes and just remember a few days after. It helped me to have a stress-free vacation!

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