Travelling with Babies: Frequently Asked Questions

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Moms tend to be in panic mode when travelling for the first time with their babies. To avoid worry and tension, this article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions asked by moms.

1. What are the travel regulations in the amount of liquid you can bring to the airport?
Referring to baby formula, milk or prescribed medication, these substances are exempted from the rules of TSA. See the TSA website ( for more information.

2. What sorts of baby products are exempted from the liquids, aerosols and gels measures?
Baby products may include baby milk, water, juice and baby food. However, security officers have the final say regarding what items are allowed through the screening points.

3. Do I need to bring a valid ID for my baby?
Usually, you would just need to bring their passport, however, if you don’t have any other ID’s available, you can also bring a copy of your baby’s birth certificate and your marriage certificate (if applicable) for further reference.

4. How can I help my baby be relieved from ear pressure?
You can make sure that you plan the feedings for takeoff and landing as that is the time when your baby will experience the most ear pressure and swallowing can ease some of that.

5. How can I keep my baby happy when travelling by air?
If the baby is asleep, make sure that the baby has enough leg room to kick his/her legs. When the baby is awake, the baby can either be playing with toys or looking at books or you can also walk with the baby in the plane or have him/her look out of the window.

6. What are the things that I can bring to help my child be comfortable when travelling by air?
Books are at all times a great distraction to your babies as they are focused on the colorful images and this can also help you bond with your child which is also one way to make your baby calm. You can also surprise him with a toy to keep his attention diverted.

7. Is it recommended to bring a stroller when travelling?
Yes, it is recommended to bring a stroller. Bring one that is simple to put on and take off and it is easy to store away. An umbrella-type of stroller is usually recommended for travel.

8. Should I bring a diaper bag at all times?
Yes, bringing a diaper bag is essential. However, if you have already reached your destination, and you know what would be the itinerary, then you can opt for a small backpack or bag wherein you can bring the most necessary, like feeding bottles, sippy cup with water, a change of clothing, diapers, disposable utensils for babies, wipes and some snacks.

9. How can I pack light when travelling with my baby?
Travelling with a baby entails bringing more stuff than usual. Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel so you can gauge what to bring and what not to.

Hope all your queries when travelling with your baby have been answered, this way you can have a stress-free and fun vacation with your family.

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