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Meet Philippe

Friends call him Phil. Phil is a Corporate Travel Manager responsible for travel bookings. Hundreds to Thousands of business trips for his colleagues. Guaranteeing the health & safety of his traveling colleagues is a key priority for Phil. But are Phil’s systems COMPLIANT with international laws?

Phil doesn’t know. So the guys at Intelligent Travel developed a simple test for people like Phil. Imagine you are booking a business trip for 2 colleagues. One male, experienced business traveller to Mumbai, India and the other female,novice traveller to Paris, France. Now extract your company’s travel safety plans and compare those to 2 different trips then ask yourself:

Can your organization at any point demonstrate a safe work system as per the statutory requirements specific to the destination, trip and traveler?

If the answer is “NO” to this question or if you are not sure then your travel safety system is most likely VIOLATING international laws.

But Phil thinks he has no problems. He outsourced all travel risk management to an assistance provider. They even called it “duty of care” in their brochure. But do you know that Phil should be worried?

International laws are unequivocal. You can NOT outsource travel safety management completely. You can use 3rd party providers to enhance and fill the gaps BUT at the core should be your own Travel Safety Systems, Procedures and Policies Compliant with International Laws.

Phil now worries. He realizes that his systems are not compliant but where to start?

Phil looked around and all he was offered expensive custom-built “bespoke” consultancy services or Off-the-shelf “one-size-fits-all” systems at a hefty annual subscription fee.

So Phil is getting more worried. His budget is quite tight. What if there was a provider that provided Phil with the basic tools, training and advice, so Phil can build his own COMPLIANT travel safety system?

Helping people like Phil is what we do at Intelligent Travel.
We are your single integrated source for objective, personal travel health, safety, security and risk management advice.
We provide practical tools and training to help Phil build his own COMPLIANT Travel Safety System Without breaking the budget.

Intelligent Travel Travel Safety Compliance Programs include:
– Benchmark study of existing plans
– Access to Practical Tools, Guidelines & Policy documents
– Training to help you build your own Travel Safety Plans
– Advice provided Online or In-Person

All in a very cost-effective manner. Programs starting from USD 500.
Now Phil has found us, he sleeps much better, knowing that his travel safety system is now fully COMPLIANT. So does Phil’s boss as costs went down.

Are you ready to experience the Intelligent Travel difference?
Intelligent Travel, Enabling Travel Safety Compliance.
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