Some changes and updates are well publicised and have international implications. 

Some changes and updates are subtle or occur without you ever knowing. 

There are system-wide updates and improvements. 

There are specific patches, changes and modifications introduced after faults are found or after the overall system is changed. 

Then there are updates and changes specific to a brand, device or process.

Regardless of the reason, there is constant change. 

You may never be aware of any of these changes, least of all the reasons behind the change, let alone how it affects you individually. 

Local and international change create threats and risks

There may be a suite of new functions, options and improvements, but again, unless you have explicitly been informed and educated, many of these changes will go unused. 

Unless the media or special interest groups make a fuss or communicate changes that affect some users, these updates come and go without so much as ping to let you know. 

If I were to ask you about the last 10 updates to your smartphone or mobile device, you probably wouldn’t know most of them, haven’t used the new features or understand why there was a change in the first place. 

Unless your friends or close communities inform you of major or minor changes, you are probably too busy with day to day life to know or care about all these changes. 

If you are not technically interested or inclined, you may care even less. 

This experience is very much the same with the world. 

Your knowledge, understanding and even experience may well be trapped in the past or quickly outdated. 

If you are not made aware, informed, educated and reasons for these changes explained, you carry on without consideration or adaptation to these changes. 

Nothing may happen, but crashes, failures, losses and major disruptions do occur, despite your awareness of change. 

Far too many people’s understanding of the world, specific locations, activities and even business practices is quickly outdated, even obsolete. 

Individuals and businesses need to know about the change, especially those that travel or operate in various locations. 

More importantly, they need to know how these changes and variations affect them individually, not as a collective. 

Don’t get caught with an old Nokia phone. 

Don’t let your outdated or incomplete knowledge of travel, a location or a business activity expose you to manageable and avoidable risks. 

Don’t get caught out with an incompatible device and operating system for today’s world. 

We can educate, prepare, advise, manage and support your travel, anywhere. 

If there are smartphones, then there are just as likely to be dumb phones. 

Upgrade from being a smart traveller to being an intelligent traveller. .

Safe by choice, not by chance. 

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Travel Safety Experts

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