Online education and member’s forum, Travel Risk Management Solutions has stepped up their travel safety education with new online content and advice. “It is alarming how many individuals and businesses still don’t know the basics of travel safety and their obligations or requirements when it comes to business or leisure travel” contributed Tony Ridley, Editor-in-Chief at Travel Risk Management Solutions. New content and features include fresh video reviews, education and advice on business and leisure travel safety management and is found at

With Travel Risk Management Solutions’ website receiving as many as 5,000 visitors each week, for the past few years, their content and advice has been consumed and applied by thousands of individuals and companies. “Despite our long running education and available resources in the area of travel safety and risk management, every week there is a new interest, enquiry or update for individuals and those responsible for travel management” Travel Risk Management Solutions’ Editor. “We have a very strong business travel safety management focus on the site and it is reflected in our content and supporting resources but a lot of individuals are also using the site to educate themselves or understand their rights or company’s obligations when it comes to travel safety and risk management” summarised Tony Ridley. “We even have legal professionals contact us for support and advice in defence or prosecution of travel safety negligence instances” he concluded.

If you can’t prove it, with a documented, personal analysis and personal review…it’s not safe.

Travel Risk Management Solutions is an initiative of Intelligent Travel, an international travel health, safety, security and risk management service provider. Travel Risk Management Solutions provides ongoing expertise and advice in the form of articles, interviews, videos and online training courses to help individuals and businesses better understand and manage their travel safety and risk management obligations or requirements.

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