A Travel Guide for Athletes with Disabilities/Special Needs

There are many factors that needs to be considered for a professional athlete with disability to travel. If you are one of these athletes with special needs, this article will somehow help you in achieving your goals. Every athlete has a goal to succeed in whatever sport or competition they are engaged in. But being a disabled athlete should not stop them in reaching their dreams. As an athlete, they dream of competing in other countries to showcase their abilities and make their countries proud. Even if they lose, as long as they have shown and have given their best, it is enough for them.

As a traveler with special needs, it is a big help to set some guidelines on how to reach their destination without experiencing any inconvenience. They need the full support of their country to show that they can compete despite of their condition.

To have a comfortable journey, planning the travel is an absolute must. Athletes need to  have a briefing on what to expect during their trip and upon arriving at their destination. Planning their trip helps them be organized and prepare the things that they need. It is also necessary to inform their travel service adviser about their disability so they will be prepared in providing the disabled athlete’s needed assistance. A disabled athlete also needs to get his doctor’s advice if it is safe for him to travel.

After planning the travel, disabled athletes need to know some safety and health tips. It is recommended to carry extra medication for emergency purposes. They have to bring with them a doctor’s note and advice so it is readily available when needed. Getting a travel agent is recommended to lessen their burden. It is also advisable to avoid connecting flights; direct flights help them to save more time. Disabled athletes should not get exhausted and this might happen if they are into connecting flights and they don’t have plenty of time.

Every person has the right for a fair treatment and this also applies to disabled athletes. They have to know their rights as an individual and as someone with special needs. They need to be aware of the rules for travelers with disabilities when they go through an airport security. Any problems encountered during their travel must not be taken for granted. A direct complaint is necessary to prevent the same thing from happening again. If still the problem is not resolved after complaining directly, it should be sorted out with the help of the Civil Aviation Authority or CAA.

If you are a disable athlete but is hesitant to go to other places to compete because of your condition, this article might have changed your mindset. You may now have that confidence and show everyone your abilities. You can now compete wherever your skills lead you.

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