Top 5 business travel threats for 2016

Each year our team of researchers and travel safety analysts review the major threats affecting the majority of business travellers, not a couple of issues or locations that affect a relative few. These top 5 threats will have a direct impact to individual and group business travel and should be addressed and managed with each journey through 2016.

Data Compromise

Personal information, data and even financial information will present as a major concern for all business travellers, travel providers and those that manage business travellers. Data compromise may occur on an individual level or affect thousands of business traveller simultaneously, as we saw in 2015 when airlines, hotels, ecommerce and other providers had confidential data stolen or accessed without authorisation. Data protection and secure access is the top threat to business travellers in 2016.

Extreme Weather

The expected and sustained weather patterns most familiar to this generation have changed. This has resulted in extreme weather conditions and events ranging from prolonged snow storms, super storms, heatwaves and unprecedented flooding. These all present significant impact to travel infrastructure and planned business travel. Exposure to extreme weather or the subsequent failure of travel services remains a major threat to business traveller’s health, safety and security.

On-Demand Economy

Business travellers and managers crave real time support and information. If they can’t get it from a qualified source or channel readily available, they will default to search engine results and unqualified sources. This introduces significant safety, security and risk issues for businesses, exposing the traveller and organisation to decisions and actions not made with qualified advice or guidance. This includes selection of flights, accommodation and other travel consumables, further compounding the risk. Businesses must ensure they provide or manage real time travel support in order to manage risk.

Natural Catastrophes

Regardless of known areas that have higher than average natural calamities, there is a higher than average threat of wide spread natural catastrophes that will impact individuals and travel infrastructure. This includes flights, accommodation and ground transport. Even short term exposure to natural catastrophes represents a significant threat to business traveller’s life safety and security.

Open Bookings or Self Determined Travel

The business traveller’s ability and desire to personally arrange and book travel has never been higher. However, this growth in self-service autonomy only serves to significantly increase a traveller’s and business’ risk. The business traveller and business are required to know the likely threats, mitigation or control options and acceptable risk levels for each and every journey. A failure to do so will result in avoidable risk to the traveller and legal exposure for the business and travel management providers.

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