Anyone who travels for business will quickly tell you it is not all smooth sailing. There are constantly changing challenges, frustrations and those personal annoyances that delay, disrupt and frustrate even the most efficient of business travellers and companies.

GBTA and Sabre conducted a survey in 2017 to find out exactly what the biggest challenges were for business travellers, according to their geographic region.

Here are the most business challenging aspects of business travel, shown as a hot map, with the greatest challenges in red and the lesser ones displayed in green.


It comes as no shock to any business traveller that the biggest challenges are related to loss…the loss of valuable time. Time spent waiting, sitting around, doing minor tasks and the cumulative result of committing, waiting, updating and time consumption in general. “The thick of thin things” – Stephen Covey


Not only are they related to consumption but they also typically occur during the journey itself. Everyone is more acutely aware of time consumption and loss whilst travelling but those cited here are mostly about activities, events and situations that take place once travel has commenced.

It, therefore, stands to reason that the big focus for everyone in 208 will be to reduce or eliminate this wasted consumption and time taken for business travel. A lot sits with infrastructure, transport and providers but businesses and business travellers will be actively striving to claw back this loss of valuable productivity and minimise the duress placed upon their productive, valuable business asset…their people!

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Source: GBTA

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