Did you know most “low risk” claims are a lie?
Risk and risk assessments are made up of 2 essential parts
First, there is the identification of hazards or threats … as in what might injure you or cause accidents
Secondly, there is an evaluation of controls, precautions or preparations  specifically relevant to the identified hazards.
…that is, what you are doing in order to reduce the hazard’s influence

And just like a math test….
You MUST show your working out.
All this must be documented,
and follow a consistent process.
If NOT…..
You can NEVER demonstrate nor state a “risk”.
Anything that claims a risk rating
without this demonstrable workings…..
is a guess
… at the very best. Safety standards and the law are very clear on this.
And this not only applies to workplace safety standards
but business travel also needs to follow the same principles.
So, if you have ANY risk level or rating  without evidence of workings
It’s really only a guess
We recommend you speak with your legal team on your exposure to negligence.  If you have a service or service provider that provides a risk level or rating  without disclosure of workings It is nothing more than a guess
Again, we recommend you speak with your legal team  on a provider’s negligence that endangers your employees  Any risk…. including “low risk”
Must have supporting evidence  This is true for all work related activities and individual tasks  Again, including travel for work  BEWARE anyone buying or selling “risk ratings”  they have NOTHING to do with safety or risk management  Furthermore, they may just have demonstrated
legal negligence

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