The world has certainly experienced a lot of tragic events and mass murder incidents in 2016, especially in locations previously considered “safe”. One of the dominating factors related to these events is the fact that many deadly attacks have been conducted by relative amateurs, challenging most people’s definition of terrorism.

You don’t need to be a terrorist to commit mass murder or terrorise a community.

Most people, in addition to many professional analysts have created the notion that only individuals, part of a global terrorism network with specialist skills and training present a threat to public safety and security. This simply is not true. Most of the year’s successful terrorist attacks have been carried out by what can only be categorised as amateurs. With little training, a successful plan and the conviction to carry out their intentions, these amateurs have caused the deaths of multiple people, featured prominently on the news and terrorised the locally affected populace. Some terror related groups have even attempted to ‘accept them as members’ after their successful attacks on unsuspecting civilians.

When ‘professionals’ review some of the recent attacks, it is apparent the individual/groups are amateurs due to the fact they attacked at the least effective time, location, manner or simply missed the bigger opportunities available if better planned, prepared and resourced. These “professional” killers and terrorist are out there, but the majority of the year’s attacks have not been perpetrated by these professionals. Their expertise is yet to be felt by international community. These amateur attacks may have forced them to wait or they may be reevaluating their own plans in light of exposed weaknesses brought to public attention by prior attacks, but they will undoubteably attack future targets.

Stop assuming that only certain stereotypes or affiliated individuals pose a risk to communities and groups. Any individual with the right motivation, mental instability, propensity for violence or suitably driven to extremes, has the potential to inflict harm and loss of life, with little more than a kitchen knife, motor vehicle or standard fire arm. Especially if they have seen how relatively easy it is to conduct such an attack, thanks to wide spread media coverage and direction of recent events.

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