If your business is to demonstrate risk management, 

As specified by the law and international standards,

You must demonstrate risk evaluation.

The purpose of risk evaluation is to assist in making decisions, based on the outcomes of risk analysis, about which risks need treatment and the priority for treatment implementation. 

Risk evaluation involves comparing the level of risk found during the analysis process with risk criteria established when the context was considered. 

Risk Evaluation – Travel Risk Management

Based on this comparison, the need for treatment can be considered. 

Decisions should take account of the wider context of the risk and include consideration of the tolerance of the risks borne by parties other than the organization that benefits from the risk. 

Decisions should be made in accordance with legal, regulatory and other requirements. 

In some circumstances, the risk evaluation can lead to a decision to undertake further analysis. 

The risk evaluation can also lead to a decision not to treat the risk in any way other than maintaining existing controls. 

This decision will be influenced by the organization’s risk attitude and the risk criteria that have been established. 

To test this within your business, select 1 traveller and 1 trip. 

Now demonstrate all the above, as it applies to that specific traveller and that specific journey.

Now apply it to 10 travellers and 10 business trips. 

Is the risk evaluation, clear, documented, unique and specific to each traveller and trip? 

If not, you don’t have adequate evidence to demonstrate travel risk management, in addition to having an inadequate system of risk evaluation. 

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Next, in this series on travel risk management, we examine risk treatment, step 6 of 7 required for travel risk management. 

Safe work systems and enterprise risk management, inclusive of business mobility and travel.

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