Making Travel Itinerary Readily Accessible with Kayak

Traveling with ease and peace of mind is in the palm of our hands. It is an option. We can choose to make our travel planning complicated or make it as easy as 1-2-3. There’s a lot of travel apps available to download for travel convenience but definitely we want something that would make our travel smarter while doing business. To do this, there’s a free smart application called Kayak which makes booking and reservation faster as easy as one click. With it’s user-friendly interface, it is considered to be one of the top applications in its kind. KAYAK is available to use and works on Apple, Android, Windows, and Kindle devices.

Kayak is an extensive travel search engine, it simplifies search solution so not only it saves your time but it also shows you the best deals available. Kayak enables users to compare travel sites at once to make booking easier. You can compare hotel prices, airfares and car rentals and once you find what suits you best, Kayak will prompt you to the travel supplier to complete the purchase or booking. However, there are instances that you can complete the booking straight from Kayak website. You just have to enter your travel dates plus destination in the search field. Kayak will then show you the travel sites which you can choose to compare and check the prices. You can also filter and sort your results. Your searches appear in new windows so it’s easy to switch back and forth especially when you are comparing rates and prices. You can just imagine how easy the app works for its users.

Another best thing about Kayak is enabling users to view itinerary in one place. Kayak accurately processes all of your bookings. All you need to do is forward all booking confirmation to All information will be viewed on your My Trips page in your online Kayak  account. It syncs on your smartphone so can stay on top of the way. You can also receive SMS flight status alerts. After downloading the application, go to My Trips Settings and simply add your mobile phone number. The app also allows you to share your itinerary with others while keeping some parts of your travel privately. This is most helpful if you need someone to know about your trip.

Kayak features e-mail alerts so you can stay informed when price changes. Just add your itinerary to My Trips of your Kayak account. Monitor fares and get alerted of flight sales so you can book when fares drop. Email alerts also include flight alerts. Kayak sends emails as a 24-hr check-in alert and 3 hrs before departure. You will also be able to receive alerts about flight delays, cancellation notifications, gate and terminal changes, connection information, on-time arrival and baggage claim information.

Kayak has extra features such as packing list, currency converter and the airline directory. Also, you can sync your trips to your calendar. Go to My Trips Settings, you will be provided with instructions on how to add the link to your calendar application.

Travel smarter, work productively while on the road. Ease your worry, enjoy and make the most of your journey. Download and try the top business travel app – Kayak and make your travel rock!

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