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Personal or professional businesses will never be developed without balancing the company’s expenditure and earnings. But the question is, how can you focus and be responsible on your company’s expenses when you are busy traveling for business or when you are away from home or office? In today’s modern world, your problem has been solved! When business takes you away from home and you need to keep track of your personal expenses or when you need to report the expenses of your company, Expensify is the best application to use. Through this article, you will know why Expensify is the only expense tracker you’ll ever want when you have your business trip.

This mobile app is designed for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone platforms. Expensify will really save your time and energy when you need to keep track of your expenses and analyze your spending while on travel. Through this app, you can never lose your receipts because it allows you to scan, upload and store your paper receipts anytime and anywhere through the Expensify’s feature, the SmartScan. Just take a picture of your receipt and SmartScan will do the rest. This service will easily identify the characteristics of your expenses and files them accordingly. In addition to the features of Expensify, the SmartReports can also track, report expenses, fill out your company’s spreadsheet and send it to your account. All  receipts needed to be recorded can be attached to SmartReports.

Expensify is not only an expense tracker app but its features include Expensify Trip which allows you to have access with your travel itinerary. Just remember that SmartScan must be enabled in order for Expensify to recognize your itinerary and to keep track of your expenses during your travel. With Expensify, you will be reminded of your flight and its real time status because 24 hours before your flight, you will receive an email from this app regarding your trip. You will also know what is going on during your trip because Expensify will give you notifications 4 hours earlier concerning your trip – whether it’s on time (green), delayed (red) and will continue to check and alert you if there are still further delays. Moreover, during your trip, Expensify will send you notifications to get reminded of filling out an expense report that enables you to keep  track of your expenses when traveling. This app also syncs credit card transactions with receipts scanned by your mobile’s camera. Not only that, Expensify has also partnered with leading companies like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Apps, Salesforce and Quickbooks to make sure you can easily import receipts you need in reporting expenses.

Expensify makes it easy for users to receive reimbursements via ACH Direct Deposit or PayPal. Just use Expensify to file your expenses during your trip and let Expensify log your expenses, capture your actual receipts and manage your report of expenses. Submit the report to your company and wait for your company’s approval of your expense report and be reimbursed very fast.

Take control of your company’s expenses. Take control of your own expenses. Now you know it’s easy to manage your expenses while on travel and be an effective budget planner. Download Expensify now and experience hassle-free in tracking down your expenses. Know your expenditure when business lets you go around the world!

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