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Technology is changing the travel experience and it is an advantage for business travelers. Undeniably, as a traveler, you aim for a stress-free journey. You don’t want to worry about where to go and what to do during your trip. Business travel can make your day tiring but as a rational being, you have the option to choose – let stress eats you out or you let yourself fight the stress and enjoy the day with ease and comfort. Making use of the technology’s power of making your life easier will surely improve your travel. And one of the most reliable travel apps you should not go without is the airport guide GateGuru.

Airport experience can be really frustrating and is a factor contributing to a stressful journey. As you open the door at the airport, walk on the hallway, stay on the lounge while waiting for your departure or as you reach your destination, people are everywhere. A crowded place can cause you to get irritated and stressed especially when you are not familiar with the place. Yes, it’s a new place and you are not in your comfort zone. You need a handful of information which you can get from GateGuru.

From the airport’s fine restaurants to the car rentals, GateGuru will guide and help you get out from the crowd and go to a place that will make you comfortable. With GateGuru, you can check the reviews of others about the airport’s food, shops and other services. You can also check locations of the nearby ATM machines, car rental information that will let you book a car with just two taps with discounted rates. This app has an exclusive partnership with Avis, thus, it can offer you a discount of up to 35 percent. This free app is now on its fourth version that allows users to browse airport information with no limitations. It also added TripIt and Kayak integration so if you have your TripIt and Kayak itineraries, you can view your account and keep connected with your flight details through GateGuru.

GateGuru is very useful in disseminating flight and travel information including airport weather, tips, maps, status as well as terminal, gate arrival and departure and real-time flight information. This app also provides estimated wait times for security lines and makes sure you go to the right terminal for your flight. GateGuru offers loads of information of more than 100 airports around the world, thus, wherever and whenever you are, GateGuru will be your best travel buddy. Moreover, GateGuru also makes your trip into an exciting way. This app will let you track your travels – how many miles you have flown, how many airports you have visited and much more. With this, you can rank yourself with other GateGuru users and see who among you is the best traveler. GateGuru will never let your social life be in the bottom!

To sum it all, GateGuru has these features: Home Screen, JourneyCard, AirportCard, Rental Car, Amenity List View and Your Travel Stats. Download the app now and see for yourself why this app can keep yourself on the go as you travel around the world. Experience a stress-free journey with the one and the best airport guide, GateGuru.

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