AirHelp: An Easy Way to Get Your Compensation from Airlines

Anything can happen during business travel. Anyone may encounter cancelled, delayed and overbooked flights. As we experience these frustrating and stressful scenarios all we want is to get a fair compensation. However, officeworks, upcoming meetings with the company’s potential partners and other professional and personal events contribute to a very busy day that we may lack the time in getting our rights for compensation immediately. Fighting for your passenger rights can also be neglected if you don’t know exactly what your rights are.

Worry no more, there is a company called AirHelp that will solve your problems and will help you know if you are eligible for a compensation. It has an available app for your digital devices which can provide you the easiest way to get access to your airlines or other travel agencies to claim your money right away, plus it will explain your rights in a more detailed way. AirHelp will process all the paperworks and deal with the airlines in order to get your money back anytime and anywhere you are. This app can also help you claim the fair compensation you deserve once you experience cancelled, delayed or overbooked flights even from several years ago.

Moreover, AirHelp assists air passengers from any countries compliant to the EU regulation (EC) 261/2004. Under the EU regulation (EC) 261/2004, the rights apply if you are leaving the EU with any airline, or arriving in the EU with an airline registered in the EU or from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.

Another advantage of AirHelp is its “No Win, No Fee” handling of claims which means it won’t get paid unless the passenger wins the claim and gets compensated by the airline. If ever you don’t get paid by the airline, it will not require you to pay their services. Once a claim is successful, you will receive your compensation through your bank account. The compensation amount depends on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay which can be upto €600. AirHelp will just get 25% service fee for doing all the works on the passenger’s behalf and to be able to expand its services.

AirHelp can be downloaded and installed on your IOS and Android devices which makes this app handy. Know if you are eligible for a compensation through the app and if you believe that you deserve to file a claim, just hit the “Start a claim” button and follow the five simple steps. Send the required information to claim your compensation and AirHelp will do the rest like ensuring that you can receive the compensation that is rightfully yours. It will only take three minutes to send your flight details through this app. This app will lessen your stress and let you do other important things rather than worrying in processing your compensation. You can spend and give enough time doing officeworks and attend to important meetings.

So know your rights as a passenger, get compensated and be worry free with AirHelp, the highly trusted online legal service app that any business traveler may need.

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