Locate and Reach People with Glympse

Traveling for a business purpose means being away from your family, friends and significant others. It is your loved ones main concern on how you are, where you are and what you are doing, even if you are already a grown-up businessman or a corporate worker who travels frequently for business. On the other hand, being away from your family is a no escape to also think of their safety. Today, anyone can get a help from the highly trusted geolocation app, the Glympse, in which you can use to locate other people or for you to be located by the people you trust. It can also let your trusted contacts know how long you will reach your destination and your estimated time of arrival.

Glympse application is safe, flexible and simple to use. You have the control to choose whom  to share your whereabouts, when you want to share your location and how long to share it. Conveniently, the app can be downloaded and installed in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms. No need to create an account or be connected to a social network to be able to use this app so users can easily share their locations, as well as their estimated time of arrival in a specific destination in real-time. After downloading, all you need to do is to select a contact and supply other relevant information such as how long you would like to share your location in a maximum of four hours, and your message to the recipient, then hit send.

You should be connected to the internet so that Glympse performs fast as well as to receive and view notifications. Make sure also that your GPS is running on your mobile gadget. The app will send a unique web link which can be shared in different ways, individually or publicly. It is sent via SMS or email for individual sharing or via Facebook or Twitter if you want a specific group of people to know your location. It can also be viewed even if you don’t have a compatible device or even if the app is not installed on your device. The sender’s location or whereabouts will be viewed with a map in a limited time because with Glympse, the user’s safety and privacy are important. Users can choose to manually cancel the app before the timer expires or can choose to extend the service for another four hours.

Furthermore, in the business circle, Glympse can be used to keep in touch with your customers or business partners. When you need to attend a business meeting, it is fast and easy to let anyone know your location and the estimated time of your arrival. So that in case you are running late, they can do other important things instead of wasting their time waiting.

Download the app now and enjoy the advantages it offers! Put your loved ones and colleagues’ mind at ease when you are traveling. Locate and reach other people easily with just a glimpse using Glympse.

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