The following is a brief overview of a presentation I gave recently to a group of international security and counter-terrorism professionals.

The topic was

Integrated Security: Government, Policing, Public Safety, Commercial Security & Marketing

I demonstrated the issues and challenges by questioning the group why was the event held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?

I then went on to ask why the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Kuala Lumpur?

To drive the point home, I queried who did the security risk assessment, given all the international subject experts and government agencies present?

No one

That’s the point.

Countries, cities and venues are chosen long before most security and risk management professionals are involved.

Commercial or government.

I spoke about

Selection of venues in detail

Who is watching who?

Cultural influence and acceptances

And finished up discussing the integration of all the required elements.

I’m Tony Ridley, international security and risk management professional.

CEO at Intelligent Travel.

I have nearly 30 years experience in the field of international security, counter-terrorism and risk management.

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I then introduced attendees to the fundamental and technical analysis of suitable countries, cities and venues for major international and public events.

I demonstrated how much of this was out of the hands of security and counter-terrorism experts and why it had to change, along with tips on how to do this.

To tie this back into tourism, economics and the effect negative events have on local economies that have been affected by terrorism and security related incidents, I provided some examples and the relevant impact.

Everyone is watching.

But are they watching everything that is relevant?

I gave examples.

Then spoke about the future requirement of counter-terrorism and security experts on both the government and commercial sides of the equation.

I touch upon why the local culture of the venue or event location is essential, not that of experts.

Showing recent images from locations around the world that I had visited whilst working.

I highlighted some of the stark comparisons, levels of preparations, tolerance and solutions some major cities used.

The results were as expected, whilst some saw no problem with one or more of the approaches, many expressed how unsuitable or surprising such measures would be in their home jurisdictions.

This a key problem for counter-terrorism and public venue security moving forward.

I then went into more detail on issues on how to integrate


Decision and solution time cycles

In addition to key influences and parallel trends of note that counter-terrorism and security professionals need to be aware of.

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