Meet Linda and Harry – Colleagues about to travel to the same city for business. Linda is an experienced road warrior while Harry is still a novice when it comes to business travel. Both have chosen their flights, reserved seats, in-flight meals, and hotel rooms. All based on personal preferences. And although they travel to the same location their itineraries, travel experience and demographics are WORLDS APART.

Usually, when it comes to the travel safety, they received exactly the SAME rating and advice. WE THINK THAT IS WRONG. Travel safety advice should be personalized based on each traveller’s background, experience, and many other factors. That’s what we do here at Intelligent Travel. We are your single integrated source for objective and personal travel health, safety, security and risk management advice. Our advisories, support and tracking services are specific to YOU and fully integrated with your booking systems.

You know what is also WRONG? Linda and Harry’s employer used a travel risk assistance provider who charged a hefty annual subscription fee in advance. Not taking into account the amount of trips or requests for advice. At Intelligent Travel we think that is WRONG.

We charge on a PAY-PER-USE. Intelligent Travel includes Pay-as-you-go, Personal Travel Safety Ratings, and Pre-Travel Safety Tips, Destination Guides, Interactive Maps, Vaccination Information, Points of Interest, Location News, Incidents & Updates, Priority Notifications, Travel Safety Monitoring, Interactive Support Channels and so much MORE!

Our system is PUSH BUTTON simple and can be fully integrated with online booking systems. Linda and Harry can contact us via social media too. When you chat online we’re right here to answer.

Now that Linda and Harry have found us, they are getting the advice they need and have access to 24/7 support during their trip. They love the custom, personal service so does their employer as costs went down.

Are you ready to experience the Intelligent Travel difference?

Intelligent Travel, Personalized Travel Advice, Support & Tracking. Pay-Per-Use.


Travel Safety Experts
Travel Safety Experts

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