While many online travel agencies [OTA] are seeking less-and-less direct contact with buyers/travellers and greater automation, a significant shift has been predicted that will leave even more behind the technology curve. At Intelligent Travel we launched our multilingual, mobile travel chat [MTC] and concierge system over 2 months ago!

But while browsing deals online is undoubtedly easier than flicking through holiday brochures, one element is missing: personalized customer interaction with a representative who can answer questions and alleviate concerns. – TNOOZ.COM 

We connect directly to a traveller/buyer via their desktop, laptop or mobile device, where they can chat online with real people, and get answers to operational and administrative enquiries. We can do real time translations of communications back and forth, enabling nearly anyone, in any language to chat online from their mobile device with one of our intelligent travel assistants. The same system and interface is active across a variety of our websites and online sites.

We find this approach a natural and logical integration with our personal travel safety concierge systems and services – Intelligent Travel.

If a traveller or manager doesn’t have the time or ‘thumbs’ to chat on their mobile device, they can also leave personal voice and video messages for our intelligent travel assistants to support and follow up as required.

We are assisting travellers and managers in answering the question…is it safe to travel? One journey at a time!

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