Mistakes of People Travelling with Special Needs/Disabilities

Reaching your dream destination and enjoying your travel may be difficult sometimes for people with special needs or disability. It becomes worse if they do not have enough knowledge about their destination, if they do not know what to expect or if no proper planning and enough preparation was made. Through this article, you will know the common mistakes committed by disabled travelers.

1. They disregard planning properly.

Planning properly makes your travel run smoothly. Without proper planning, you will not be able to enjoy and achieve your adventure goals. Travelling to your dream destination takes proper organization to avoid any inconvenience. You can also be assured to have a comfortable journey. You can also have enough time to figure out what you want, from packing your travel essentials, and choosing the right destination for you.

2. They do not know how to plan.

People with disability must know what to plan and how to plan to be able to go to their right destination and get home safely and healthy. It is necessary to get plenty of information about the place you want to go. Research through the internet or ask people with disability who have more experience in travelling for information on where is the best place to go. The travel service provider should also be informed about your case so they can expect and prepare for your needs. You must also seek for a doctor’s advice if it is safe for you to travel.

3. They do not know what to prepare.

Worries come in when you forget something and you are already on your destination. This is one of the worse things that could happen to any traveller as it may spoil your travel experience. Knowing some tips for disabled travelers is a must. You have to prepare an extra medication for emergency purposes. It is highly recommended for you to carry a doctor’s advice or note so it is readily available when you need it. Getting a travel adviser with expertise in handling disabled travelers is a perfect way to help you lessen your burden. You should avoid connecting flights to save time and energy. It also gives you more comfort if you go in for a direct flight because you do not need to be in a hurry for the next flight.

4.They do not know their rights.

Disabled persons are often subject of ridicule by some insensitive people who are not aware of their condition. During travel, persons with disability who receive degraded remarks from others may affect their mood and may be the reason for them not to enjoy their trip. Some disabled travelers experience maltreatment and this must be stopped immediately. Everybody has equal rights to be treated fairly with or without special needs. It is important to know your rights and that you are aware of the rules for travelers with disabilities. If you encounter any violation of your rights, you should take courage and file immediate action to correct it. You can complain directly and if not resolved, sort out the problem by reporting it to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

If you are able to overcome these mistakes, there is no reason for you not to enjoy and make the most out of your travel.

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