Simple Service That Provides Travel Safety Tracking Support For Business And Leisure In 1 Minute

Are you still struggling to travel confidently and safely for business or leisure?

Have you ever tried purchasing new, purpose designed devices that transmit your location with little success, and this has resulted in spending a lot of money for something that you use infrequently or requires additional costs for support? You may have also tried business policies and procedures which just resulted in more company paperwork but no actual result that tracked your location and confirms you’re okay… As a last resort, you may have also tried “calling-in” to tell people where you are on a routine basis which just ended up in it is often not convenient or you just forget and the system quickly fails.

We understand your struggle because we’ve been in that exact place ourselves. We know it all too well and can relate 100%. With so many solutions out there, how do you know which one to use?

Trust Us, We Were Just as Overwhelmed and Frustrated as You Are Now

Before we ever achieved even a tiny taste of success, we made a ton of mistakes. So many times we were ready to give up.

When we first started to look for a solution to travel confidently and safely for business or leisure, we didn’t have a simple, fast solution to share our location with a travel safety and support team, we couldn’t install proprietary applications on our phone or just use what we already have within someone else’s system, and we didn’t know how to take our business or personal phone and simply contact a global travel support desk and share my location or updates.

None of these solutions worked out for us and we were ready to quit.

Relentlessly determined, we didn’t give up. Finally one day we saw how the majority of leisure travellers and holidaymakers were keeping in contact with family and friends through social media.

As soon as we discovered this, everything instantly got easier. With this amount of success, we knew we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves.

Our goal is to share exactly what we discovered so that I can help you achieve the same results.

Search No More For The Ultimate Solution To Travel Safely & Confidently For Business Or Leisure 

Have you ever heard of a service called Travel Safety Tracking? There is no doubt that It will help you to travel confidently and safely for business or leisure in the next 1 minute just like we were able to do.

We were very shocked because it seemed too easy at first, but we were actually able to travel anywhere for business and leisure!

Look, if we can do it, you can do it. Because of the success that we achieved, we’re able to only pay for travel safety tracking if/when you need it, we can also quickly convert your existing smart phone or satellite device into travel safety reporting system, and we’re very lucky in that we can even travel for business and leisure and update or share our location with a dedicated travel safety support desk as required, to keep them informed of our location and that we are safe.

We are certain you will want these same results.

So here’s why I found Travel Safety Tracking to be so beneficial:

  • The flexibility for different users to use different or preferred apps to share their location as required. This is good for you because you can use what you are most familiar with or comfortable with, without having to learn or install new and complex mobile applications.
  • It helps you and your company implement a travel safety tracking procedure within minutes. This is important because it is consistent with international “lone worker” and travel safety risk management standards and can be applied without the usual company procurement delays and approvals .
  • A dedicated travel safety and support help desk to capture and track your location. This is big because it saves you and your business significant cost and resources that you would have to build and maintain if you were to provide a similar solution.
  • Direct connectivity to your mobile device and actual travel movements, rather than administrative or itinerary based travel tracking systems. This a good thing because you can travel freely while still guaranteeing that your actual travel safety is reported, not times and schedules made in a diary and prone to change.
  • The option to increase your travel safety and support requests via the same device and service channel, but without the upfront cost. This is great because it simplifies the reporting, contact and travel safety tracking process into a single application, device and user.

Turn It On/Off As YOU Want Or Need To Share

The real magic of this solution is that you are in total control of what and when you share your location and information. Turn it on/off as you travel, or want/need to share you location. The ultimate in both privacy and versatility, you the traveller know exactly when you are being tracked or monitored by our professional team, and can limit the total time we keep an eye on you or just send us routine, specific location updates as you move around. That simple!

Your EXACT Location, Time, Travel And More…

There are more and more options available, starting with sharing your exact location, not some diary/calendar entry from your travel bookings, but where you are RIGHT NOW! You also then have the option to send where you are travelling to, expected time of arrival, speed, duration of monitoring and more. You can even use the same process to share with family and friends!

Travel Safe, Travel Intelligent

Without these elements, you’ll be destined to continue down an ongoing path of trial and error. Trust us, we know because we were there!

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

See the beauty of this is that all the hard work is done for you and it’s all inside of Travel Safety Tracking.

Look… the mistakes have all been made and now you can easily skip over the grueling test period, and wondering whether you’ll ever see success. All you have to do is follow the step by step solution.

Finally, You Can Stop Spinning Your Wheels…

Inside of Travel Safety Tracking you’ve got everything you need.

I mean… You could always invest in a purpose built device that does nothing but report your location, but you’d have to spend at least $1,500. You could also sign up for an expensive company wide travel monitoring system that you only used one in a while which isn’t advised either, since you’ll likely overspend up to $10,000. You’ve wasted enough time already on the other solutions and it’s time to get it right once and for all.

Now, we won’t lie. There are still some hurdles to travel confidently and safely for business or leisure. That’s why we included bonuses – completely free – to help you overcome the additional hardships you might experience.

The bonuses include:

  • Travel Safety Tracking – Value: $500

This will help you to not only share your location with our travel safety and support desk but also friends, colleagues and other travel coordination team members.

  • Travel Safety Logging – Value: $400

This will help you consolidate all your travel safety reporting into a single support file and can be opened, updated or shared as needed.

  • Travel Safety Alerting – Value: $300

This will help you in the event of an emergency or priority support request, you can update your status to communicate and coordinate with your business, travel management company or other support resources to get a coordinated, timely support response.

This means you are getting $1,200 worth of much needed enhancements completely free!

Bad News: This Won’t Last Forever

Unfortunately, this offer can’t stay open forever. This offer is limited. Once we close down the offer it won’t be released again at this price. We’re doing this because we are only allowing access to a limited number of users as part of our international product launch.

Again, if I was able to travel anywhere for business and leisure then you could too with Travel Safety Tracking.

We’re stoked for you to jump in and get started. Even more so, we can’t wait for you to see the results that are waiting for you on the other side.

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