The world has come to expect fast internet and Wi-Fi plays an important role in the process but how exactly?

Wi-Fi Alliance has stated that on average there are about 200 million households that are using Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi is used by over 700 million people. Furthermore, on average every year there are about 800 million new Wi-Fi devices; an amazing growth which shows that high-speed internet access is important and has become an expectation for many in our world today.

With Wi-Fi hotspots growing by the millions each year, 47.7m in 2014, 58m in 2015 and 340m expected by 2018 we question what are the benefits or problems and answer the concerns that consumers may have.

Our data graphic on “More Than a Luxury: How The World Has Come To Expect Fast Internet” below takes an in-depth look at some interesting areas such as the impact of Wi-Fi on social change, the global Wi-Fi market and poorly connected locations, hotels and Wi-F quality, Wi-Fi on transport, the housing market and Wi-Fi access, the rise of mobile data and the Internet of things and 5G Connectivity in the future.

Wi-Fi is empowering and consumers are demanding better and faster Wi-Fi connections and solutions. The future will keep changing through internet access and improved Wi-Fi developments, find out more about this now.

Internet is More Than a Luxury - Intelligent Travel
Internet is More Than a Luxury – Intelligent Travel

Source: Voucher Cloud

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