In order to “rate” how safe something is [such as travel], you need to consider some facts and then determine if the “risk” is too high for you to travel or you may have to “modify” something in your plans to make is “safer”. How do you do that? 

Consider how prepared YOU are for the trip. Consider how safe it is to FLY. Consider how safe it is to DRIVE. Last, but not least, consider how safe the LOCATION is to which you are travelling. This would be considered the MINIMUM or BASIC travel safety assessment.

Now, look at what a Government Travel Advisory offers compared against that BASIC criteria. Consider what Travel Security, Assistance and Insurance providers offer compared against that BASIC criteria.

It’s pretty simple. See just how much MORE provides YOU when considering YOUR PERSONAL TRAVEL SAFETY. Anything else… probably just a newspaper for the masses.

Travel Safety Experts
Travel Safety Experts

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