With thousands of travel health, safety, security and risk management support tips and advice already contained within Intelligent Travel’s master support and advice database, the company has recently expanded this unique knowledge base with the inclusion of client and partner advisories/updates.

“We originally set out to provide consistent, timely and consistent travel safety and security advice to individual travellers, managers and travel management/insurance providers with the creation of a master travel health, safety and security knowledge base”

noted Tony Ridley, CEO of Intelligent Travel.

“However, we quickly realised that our modern technology solution also reduced the cost of access and delivery of expert advice by ensuring that there was no wasted emails, calls and communications that is so typical of those claiming to provide travel advice and support”

he explained further.

We can quickly update and support thousands of related enquires within a matter of seconds, with much of the support direct to travellers, managers and agents own devices and workstations, eliminating the expensive and decreasing need to even call or email us….it is the same as chatting directly to one of our experts in real time”

concluded Intelligent Travel’s CEO.

Master database and support system

Rather than using old, outdated service models typically used by insurance and assistance companies, Intelligent Travel’s travel safety and security knowledge base is a real time, dynamic system that immediately provides access to the most recent and relevant advice/support given by their international team, from all their customer support cases. “We sat down with our travel safety and security experts and compiled a master list of events, advice and immediate actions for 90% of customer support cases and created a master travel safety advisory database” noted their CEO. “This master database and support system provides a single gateway to all our available expertise and is added to daily, resulting in thousands of location, event and activity specific travel safety and security advisories that are used by our customers” he added.

Direct Access to Expertise And Experience

Customers, managers and agents can “self-help” by simply typing in keywords or topics to access advice, resources, forums and FAQ’s. This significantly reduces the time from information and advice to that of action on behalf of the client or manager. This direct access model also integrates with online chats, calls and other travel support technology utilised by Intelligent Travel.

Outsourced travel safety and security expertise

Private companies, travel agents and even travel insurance providers are able to enjoy all the benefits of ownership, without the cost” commented Intelligent Travel’s CEO.

“This means they have i mmediate, international access to travel health, safety and security experts, as needed, without the cost of employing them directly or the necessity of having physical offices in which to accommodate human resources

explained Tony Ridley.

“They simply benefit from the outsourced service, without the need for direct employees/staff

he concluded.

Pay Per Use Travel Safety and Security

Users and customers no longer have to pay annual membership fees or lump sum, up-front costs to access the experience and comprehensive database. Intelligent Travel provides pay-per-use access to individuals, companies and travel management/insurance providers, significantly reducing wastage and un-utilised services, so typical of traditional call centre models.

Travel safety and security advice is about qualified and timely advice to travellers and managers…our system provides real time, expert advice to a range of users…saving time, money and lives.






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