In the event of emergency, accident and even terrorist attack there is a fast, free and extremely effective option for sharing your location with one or more points of contact that nearly ANY mobile user can activate right now. Any mobile device that has Google Maps installed [nearly everyone these days] can quickly access and use the recently [March 2017] feature released by Google. It is totally free, fast to share and can be used by individual and business travellers as a single, one-time activation or for a specified time, as determined by the owner/user or the device.

Google’s Guide to Sharing Location on Google Maps>> Click Here

How to share your location within Google Maps

There is more than one way to share your location and you can share across different mediums such as via text, email or within Google Maps directly. Here is how you share from within Google Maps itself [we recommend this as the best option – Intelligent Travel]

  1. Open Google Maps on your mobile device
  2. Tap the Menu button [3 horizontal lines stacked on top of each other in the top left]
  3. Tap Share Location

4. Tap Get Started

5. Tap the + or – buttons to select the total time your location will be shared with your selected contact/s. You also have the choice to select Until you turn this off, so you can manually deactivate at a time of your choosing.

6. Tap Select People to share your location directly through Google Maps

7. Tap the icons of the person/s that you want to share your location with. This also works for group and business contacts connected to G Suite such as our emergency support team

8. Tap Share

9. Tap Turn On

How to share your location with an SMS link to Google Maps

For those that aren’t familiar with Google Maps, less “tech savvy” or for use with third party apps such as Apple Maps

  1. Follow the same steps 1-5 as outlined above
  2. Tap Messages to share in a text message or iMessage, or tap More to share in a third party app such as Messenger or WhatsApp

3. Choose the person/s you want to send the link to, via whatever app you have chosen, or direct via SMS

4. Tap the Send Button in the app or messenger

Share your real-time location with the people you want, for exactly as long as you want [Video Guide]

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