Country Aviation Ratings

Included In Each Individual Travel Risk Assessment

We have just added comprehensive Country Aviation Ratings to all ourTravel Risk Assessments. This means that not only is each itinerary individually assessed at a personal and destination level, but also now it includes an assessment of the country’s aviation capability. This is all done in seconds, at the time of booking/enquiry and uniquely tailored for individual travellers.

This new addition to our Journey Risk Assessment dashboard is the first stage in the release of some new aviation risk assessment and evaluation services we are releasing shortly. In conjunction with our aviation safety partner, we will be releasing the following soon:


Country Aviation Ratings

Airline Risk Ratings

Charter Flight Risk Ratings


Country Aviation Ratings

Aviation Risk Rating.01.Intelligent TravelThere are a number of points of difference between one country to another when it comes to aviation safety and risk. Most are unknown by the travellers and few risk managers have access to the information in a simplified, timely and relevant format.
We have now embed the key metrics for consideration and evaluating a country’s aviation capability and quality standards.
Each traveller and manager can now immediately see the strengths and weaknesses of a particular location in seconds.

City of Departure, Transit and Arrival Included

Aviation Risk Rating.02.Intelligent TravelThe information and variance between locations is required not only for point to point travel but also for transit or multi-leg journeys.
Immediate and specific ratings are now generated for the city of departure, transit and arrival city. This provides for a more accurate and relevant comparison between locations and removes the “assumption” methodology most common at present.
This can make the difference between choosing various means of travel, including flying.

Instantaneous at the Time of Booking!

While “vending machine” travel risk systems produce only 3-5 generic alternatives for every traveller regardless of context, our travel risk management system produces over 3,000 unique and individual ratings specific to the traveller.  Coupled with our unique destination risk ratings [forget the usual terrorism, kidnapping and other minority categories] our system generates over 18,000 journey risk ratings variations.

Including our new aviation risk ratings this creates over 100,000 unique risk rating combinations for each and every trip!

The Individual Travel Risk Assessment Dashboard

Travel Risk Assessment.Aviation Risk.Dashboard.intelligent Travel.Example


Employees and risk managers now have an informed, comprehensive travel risk assessment specific to their needs and activities. Some managers will now have difficulty proving adequate risk management and duty of care if using a 5 template responses for every traveller, when a tailored system with over 100,000 combinations, tailored to the individual traveller is available for a few dollars.

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