It is still with some amusement and confusion that international businesses adopt a set standard of security and safety procedures in their home country then seek a lower standard in a less developed market based on some notion of cost savings or lower cost markets.

Make threat based decisions and investments.

Donʼt expect the same variety and standard of security services around the globe.

At the same time donʼt reduce your requirement based purely on the notion that everything is cheaper in the said market, therefore so should security.

Expect prices to fluctuate.

The natural order of cost and solutions in developed countries is policy, technology then manpower.

However, in developing countries (due to reduced cost of labor) it typical runs with policy, manpower then technology.

Technology solutions may be expensive to obtain, difficult to maintain, expensive to service or skills not readily available to operate, service and install such options.

In short, it may be cheaper (but not more effective) to have more people as a security solution rather than a smaller amount of technology.

Apply similar reason and methodology for identifying a need and seeking a solution in markets outside developed countries and you will be best served.

Over complicate the process or seek unrealistic providers and results, while seeking the cheapest possible price and the only guarantee you will have will be failure.

As a result of this series, you should have significant insight into the scoping, pricing, buying and results of security products and services.

Use this information wisely to get the results you want and deserve.

Treat your security company, consultant or contractor as an equal or valuable contributor to your business and they will reciprocate.

Treat them poorly or like some third class citizen and you will be treated accordingly at the same time opening the gate for challenges, failure and disputes.

Security, as sold and delivered by professionals is a serious and valuable vocation.

Donʼt waste this resource by having them do menial tasks or just plain dirty work that you wonʼt do or are too cheap to hire alternate staff for such as cleaning, parking attendants and receptionists.

Reward excellence and punish pretenders.

Tony Ridley

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