Security companies have overheads, fixed offices, insurance, regulatory compliance, higher operating costs, variable products, possible sales and marketing personnel, online presence, turnover of staff and numerous clients.

Consultants have less overheads, some insurance, no fixed office, less online presence, smaller product range, self-management and sales activities, no turn over and less clients.

Quality and outcomes can vary immensely between the two.

Contractors are not included here as they are essentially baseline labor solutions managed by someone else, no matter how they are packaged.

With the exception of security software solutions, most security products and services are about people.

People who have the skill, experience, time and ability to help you and your companyʼs requirements.

These people can either be found in large number in one place within a security company or individually as consultants.

Some really good consultants can also manage other consultants and security companies as part of their support offering on your behalf for superior results.

Security companies can be easier to find than consultants.

Some consultants can produce superior results than companies.

Both companies and consultants can be a bad investment if poorly chosen.

A security product or solution is only as good as the quality of individual/s that collaborate to produce the results.

Sometimes companies can achieve this better, sometimes consultants can.

You have a choice.

Donʼt forget to exercise this right to choice when necessary.

Your level of “comfort” or experience in buying security services is not the determining factor when it comes to results or even value.

If your comfort level extends to large or multinational companies only, it doesn’t mean that it is the only place [if at all] where quality and results resides.

Tony Ridley

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