Contractors deliver a set schedule of tasks for a set fee.

Consultants add value depended on the value of the outcome/s or business contribution.

Most security companies, consultants and buyers donʼt know the difference.

Contractors charge on an hourly or daily basis.

It is in their best interest to convince you that the task needs more time and resources, as it is the only way they can make money.

Prices vary but the task and results typically do not. Consultants use value-based fees.

They profit only if you profit more through improved business activity, greater market share or more sales.

True story.

Consultants seek to understand the need and end state objectives and devise a strategy to get there in the shortest possible time in order to benefit the client.

Contractors have never worked in a non-security company or in an executive security, corporate role.

Consultants have done their apprenticeship, worked in good jobs, bad jobs, all around the place, private companies, public companies, had success, had failure and now share significant value with their clients.

Consultants do not sell you on tools or methodology. Contractors sell to you on tools and methodology.

Consultants get results as-quickly-as-possible without time constraints and the need to sit around your premises watching the clock and invoicing for every little cost like commute, paper, phone calls and so on.

Contractors work 9 to 5, take their time, finish on the last day, spend all their time within your field of view and invoice for absolutely everything they touched or used on your behalf in the process.

Consultants get more money because they get greater results and your results are greater.

Contractors get less than 30% of the project price. Consultants get more than 60% of the project price.

Know which one your working with, which one you have paid for and which results you can expect.

Consultants may moonlight or serve as contractors from time to time but be wary of contractors acting as consultants, they are not the same. Both can add value and benefit to your business or support/serve your objectives but using the wrong specialist or professional for the wrong purpose seldom leads to happiness and return on investment.

Tony Ridley

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