Security products and services, no matter how they are marketed and sold, depend highly upon the talent, which identifies, plans, manages or directs the service.

The business world that is serviced by security talent is constantly evolving and never identical between businesses.

Therefore, security professionals and providers need to be constantly evolving too.

Only relying on training or skills acquired while in the employ of the government, military or police is simply not satisfactory for servicing clients effectively.

Your choice of security talent should be constantly evolving.

They should be studying, learning, reading, writing or contributing on a regular basis.

There is nothing more damaging than a security professional or specialist that has not maintained or updated their skills and experience regularly.

Even worse, it can be damaging to the clients they service also.

If a security professional or specialist claims to be an authority or subject matter expert, have them prove it.

If you canʼt find evidence to support such claims, it is false. The catchment demographic for security is a challenge.

In developing markets and emerging economies, those that work in security may have very low education levels, poor nutrition, poor health, limited work choice, long work hours, strong families loyalties, long commutes and limited commercial understanding earning the lowest wage levels available.

However, the highest standards may be expected and they are charged with protecting or preserving the most valuable of company assets.

Talent can therefore be transient.

Companies with reputations and results may be dependent on the talent present upon delivery or achievement.

When that talent moves, it may take the results with it too.

Buyers need to apply the same awareness as they do to other professional services providers and ensure the talent has the skills and track record for the required results.

This talent may move, so you may take your business with them.

You have every right to pursue the best outcome or option, despite the branding or company logo.

If you find a company is just a front for a large volume of contractors and consultants, you may be able to get a better deal by engaging the talent directly while preserving results and saving broker or management costs.

Engage this type of business with caution.

Tony Ridley

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