Some companies acknowledge they donʼt have the time or expertise to recruit, train and manage their various security needs.

They outsource part or all of this process to security companies that can source, vet, train, develop, credential or manage their in-house security resource/s.

Security companies outsource too.

You may find you have paid a premium for a service from a “big” security provider only to find they have outsourced it to a contractor or consultant at a fraction of the cost.

Have them explain in detail the ownership process and who does what from what organization.

Donʼt get too pedantic over this by requesting and vetting CV for consultants and contractors.

The company in which you have the direct relationship with bears the responsibility. You just need to be clear and confident on the process.

Youʼre engaging a provider for a service not seeking to hire them so the criteria are much different.

Ownerʼs estimates or internal calculations on the actual cost of staffing for security positions/services are rarely accurate unless you run your own security company and know exactly what it costs to advertise, recruit, train, retain, license, feed, cloth, pay and delivery security products and service.

Consider this before wasting your time on such practices.

Cutting out the middleman and finding an appropriate consultant or contractor without the cost of using a larger company may better serve you.

As noted earlier, find out as much as you can on who is delivering on your requirements as too much or multiple levels of outsourcing with a security company leads to a bad experience and poor results.

Manage payments carefully.

Security companies and consultants are not credit companies.

If you use extended payment or credit facilities you may put undue financial pressures on your providers who will in turn respond with decreased performance or deliverables.

For larger manpower/resource projects you may consider the use of joint payment authority or escrow accounts for protection and assurity.

If salary or third parties are to be paid, the use of joint payment authority ensures they get their dues as promised and they donʼt end up failing to deliver or coming back at you when the primary security service provider defaults on their payments for any reason.

Buyers and sellers need to be aware of their varied obligations in each scenario, outsourcing or sub-contracting, as it will required differing insurances, agreements, invoicing and safety oversight/management.


Tony Ridley

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