Security services are not grounds for your own private army and they do not act without consequence.

Human rights and violations by security service providers have proven to be very costly and damaging to brand integrity for some companies.

Use of your resources such as uniforms, vehicles, facilities in the execution of human rights violations (of all kinds) will likely result in significant legal challenges not only within the country of event but in international or country of origin courts too.

Human rights are not intuitive to the security industry in many countries.

You bear the responsibility for ensuring your provider is compliant and aware.

They bear the responsibility for carrying out training and awareness to an agreed and auditable standard.

Engagement of government agencies, local police/military on your behalf can also expose your company to human rights and other legislation risks.

Ensure you have a plan to regulate and monitor the potential for human rights violations.

Whilst local government, military, and police elements may contribute to your local security plan, their use, agreements and most definitely any and all financial contributions exposes your business and brand to compromise.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Voluntary Principles of Human Rights For Security and numerous other conventions, agreements and governing principles need to be considered as part of your use or agreements with government agencies.

Failure to consider and adhere to these conventions at some point will draw attention from Non-Government Organisations [NGO] and international humane groups….which can be very powerful and destructive to local operations.

Tony Ridley

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