We all know that no two governments are alike and that federal and local governments are continuously at loggerheads with conflicting rules and agendas.

When it comes to security there are plenty of well meaning and meddling actors.

Governments may be part of the problem or contributing to your solution.

Ensure you security provider is briefed on all the areas in which you may have government involvement.

There may or may not be a need for them to have a working relationship with specific government agencies and authorities.

Too close a relationship could indicate a more deep-rooted problem that may be worth avoiding also.

Make it clear to the extent to which you are to be represented and what they can and canʼt reveal to relevant government agencies.

Conflicts can occur (both political and commercial) when commercial security options are explored rather than local government agencies for hire.

Such conflicts can and have escalated to violence in some countries.

This is a serious issue, so be sure to understand it fully before commencement.

Findings or recommendations that expose government negligence or shortfalls are rarely received well and should be handled by roles and functions outside that of security.

Take in their counsel but direct dealings are a matter for your brand and company operations.

Donʼt use security providers or contract to do your dirty work.

They know it, and anyone willing to do so on a regular basis will become a greater problem than the one you seek to resolve at the moment.

Reputable companies and consultants will not do business with you if you persist or demand such services.

It can be a small network and such abuses will not be kept a secret very long.

Always question the motivation of security providers that eagerly come in after a failed project, conflict or failure of a security project.

Governments offer lots of free security advice and resources but little of it is really effective or helps commercial enterprise.

Donʼt put government (or government agency) information and support on a pedestal until you determine whether the end product is useful and relevant or just free for the time being.


Tony Ridley

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