All previously mentioned issues and concerns apply when discussing the purchase/procurement of security services, in conjunction with market forces.

You sometimes find stellar local service providers that are far superior to that of international offerings or those that do not understand the local circumstances.

Conversely, you also find a lot of local security service providers that provide the only local “security” offering because of lack of competition or regional, international players.

It doesnʼt matter who provides the service (price can be a big motivator too) so long as it is the service and results you paid for.

Cheap services can often result in cheap results or repeat attempts to achieve what could have been done right the first time.

Many international companies are only offering the same solution, with local talent, at a higher price because it has their name on the door.

International providers can produce generic/vanilla solutions that donʼt really address your needs and the results required.

Likewise, local providers can product generic/vanilla solutions that donʼt really address your needs and the results required.

International providers do have the luxury of a large catchment pool for talent, which can give them advantages on who delivers, how it is managed and the skill applied to get the results.

Local companies are often left with those that couldnʼt be anything else and ended up working in a security company.

International and regional providers can be easier to find sometimes but it doesnʼt mean they are better.

You may need to look harder to find a local option.

Your local solution may be part of the problem and not part of the solution, leaving you little choice but to shop outside the neighbourhood.

Some international providers either canʼt or wonʼt invoice locally so you may have payment complications in order to settle the account if their location for payment is exotic or out of your usual business practices.

Develop your need/s, determine the outcome, explore service options, speak with providers, award the contract and then find out/examine whether a local or international provider was the best overall solution.

It may not be the same in all situations.

I’ve said it before, your “comfort” and experience level in buying security services is not the determining factor in capability or quality. Results and quality may reside in either option but you need to be clear in your requirement, consult vendors for their input and make a smart purchase, beyond just a dollar value on a quotation, whether it be from a local or international provider.

Don’t forget, many international providers acquire local providers in order to establish a presence in your area…..sometimes the very provider/option you had overlooked until now.

Tony Ridley

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