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The Law [Australia/NZ]

Just to give you a sense of where the Model Laws are up to. So as you know, the Work Health and Safety Law have changed in Australia. We now have seven out of the nine jurisdictions in Australia are on board. We have the legislation commencing on 1 January 2012 in the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, and also in the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth sector organizations. South Australia and Tasmania brought in the WHS ACT on 1 January 2013. New Zealand as Tim was mentioning is expected to come on board and with their version taken from the Model Laws in Australia in the wake of the Pike River disaster, and those are expected to start April 2015.

Now, the two jurisdictions where we don’t have the laws yet are Victoria and Western Australia, but Western Australia is expected to introduce a version of the laws with some amendments around issues like union right of entry and health and safety representatives’ powers and penalty levels, but expected to bring that in and introduce the bill some point this year.

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