Business Travel Safety: It’s Not All Security

In this section, we’re going to be talking about the emphasis of security.

The reality is that travel risk management is not exclusively the bastion of security, that’s security from an IT perspective, physical security as well as intellectual property, brand reputation, any genres or any sub-statues within security. It’s not exclusive to their realm. This means that for too often and too long, organizations have simply discharged their responsibility or their commitment to travel risk management as being exclusive to security, when in reality it’s not.

The more inclusive the process is of key stakeholders such as HR, whether it be legal, executive leadership, finance and so on, it’s important to make sure that while security may own the process and they certainly may be responsible for the monitoring and the surveillance that takes place of individuals, it is not exclusively a security function. Therefore, products that are targeted exclusively with security or those that emphasize security or the aspects of physical security and information, will only invariably fall short. This is due from a travel risk management perspective, wherein the loss of utility of individuals, and of finances, the impact to business outcomes, the variance of return associated with individual’s preparedness and the simple loss of productivity associated with travel are both information data points and outcomes not measured by security departments or are readily accessible.

Furthermore, when they encompass a significant proportion of travel risk management, it’s impossible to assume that one department can oversee and monitor all aspects associated. They should be used in an advisory role and perhaps an ongoing management, but certainly not the owners of the systems and the processes.

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